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5x8 Trailers

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Welcome to the 5x8 Trailers where you will be able to find and compare all types of 5x8 trailers, manufacturers, and reviews.

5x8 trailers

Trailers are a great auxiliary vehicle to have on hand. They serve many purposes for home and commercial users. You can use them for yard work, hauling debris, and some can even haul other vehicles. 5 x 8 trailers are a perfect size for the home user.

Carry-On 5x8 Trailers

Carry-on manufactures all types of trailers. They have one model that has a mesh floor and gate. It can hold up to 1650 pounds. The ramp gate is 57” x 38” and the side height is 9”. The trailer is fully lighted to DOT standards and includes a 4-flat electrical plug. This model starts at $549.99.

Carry-On also manufactures enclosed 5 x 8 trailers. These trailers have aluminum siding and front stone guard with a single rear door. It can hold up to 1510 pounds and has 15” tires. This trailer has received excellent ratings. However, it is best not to have a lot of weight on the roof. Prices begin at $1,898.

Sure-Trac 5x8 Trailers

These trailers are rugged and built for work. The powder coated finish provides unmatched protection against the elements and rust. The trailer is rated for a payload of 1,420 and includes a DOT certified light kit. There is a ramp gate enabling you easy access and is speedy in operation. There is no assembly required because they are fully assembled at the factory. This model starts at $995 and comes standard in black. Red is also available for a separate fee.

Work Sport 5x8 Trailers

This model trailer is lightweight and can be towed with a mid-sized car or small SUV. The trailer is enclosed with a 3/4” sturdy, plywood floor. The frame is made of all steel for extra durability. There is a standard, DOT 12 volt lighting system. However the interior of the trailer does not have lights. It comes standard with a 2” ball hitch and has a 2,230 pound payload capacity. Prices vary according to the features you choose, so it is best to call the dealer for the latest pricing and options. A three year, limited manufacturer’s warranty is standard.

Work Sport also manufactures an open model trailer that has a 1,600 pound payload capacity. The frame is steel and includes tie down rails. The mesh tailgate folds down for easy loading and unloading. This model comes with a one year, limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Abby 5x8 Trailers

If you are looking for a trailer to haul your ATV or lawnmower, Abby has the perfect one. Their Road Trailer series comes with a full tilting bed and an expanded, functional metal gate. The floor is made of heavy gauge metal for added durability. It comes standard with a DOT certified, complete light kit and safety chains. Prices vary according to options, so it is best to phone for up to date pricing.

Whether you have some heavy hauling or simple yard debris, 5x8 trailers are perfect for the homeowner or commercial user. With all of the custom options, you are certain to find one that fits your needs and finances.